Where To Go in Australia During Summer Holidays If You’re On a Tight Budget?

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The charming Land Down Under is a treasure trove of enchanting surprises that will pique your interest again and again.

If you play your cards right, you can see the sights and feel the vibe of one of the most exhilarating places on earth without going for broke.

How you say? Pull your money together with your significant other, a few friends, or tap your own well for resources and get ready Aussie, ‘cuz you’re going one way or another!

Don’t forget to register with your hostel in each city before choosing your destinations or you may end up ‘walking about’ in Walkabout Park with no place to stay.

Imagine the hostel is a kind of youth center that offers group accommodations to you and your entourage.

You and your friends will end up paying a fraction of the cost compared to a traditional hotel and still find neat, clean, friendly accommodations offering enough comfort fit for a koala bear.

How does that sound so far mate?


Head North

  • uluru
  • uluru at night
Come along ‘love’ and broaden your adventurous spirit by venturing to the scenic Northern Territory and take in some spectacular views.

The scenery is so incredibly beautiful it may literally take your breath away.

But you’ll want to keep breathing to see the stunning Katherine Gorge amid the Katherine River with the click of your camera.

Throw what you need in a backpack and simply enjoy the great outdoors.


Take an Unforgettable Trip to Victoria

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  • great ocean road

Victoria entices people from every corner of the world.

You’ll discover why it’s known as such a hot spot when you jump on the Murray up to Mountains Rail Trail.

Your budget will dictate whether you can rent a bike or backpack your way through.

What would a kangaroo do? Probably backpack since their feet are too big to peddle.


Can You Say, Byron Bay?

Byron Bay attracts travelers both near and far due to the spectacular beaches it boasts.

  • byron bay 2
  • byron bay
  • byron bay 3

The best part about basking in the warm rays of the sun and lazily lounging on the sand is that it’s completely free of charge.

Free is good right?

Happily, it won’t cost you a dime to feel the wind in your hair, stand on the cliffs to see the whales swim, or view a mystic lighthouse off in the distance.

Take your pick from one of the several restaurants along the way and enjoy the delicious fresh catch of the day.

Grab a couple poles and try catching the fish yourself.

Even if you come up empty handed, there’s always a nearby restaurant to ‘grab a feed’.


Tasmania all the Way

  • tasman island
  • lady barron falls
Tasmania is the place to be if you love the Tasmanian Devil.

Get ready, because there’s much to see and explore.

Are you tired yet? Hope not because you’ll want to wrap yourself in some cool culture by exploring the Museum of Old and New Art along with the Walls of Jerusalem National Park.

Both of these gems offer a world of beauty and interest.

Who knows, maybe you’ll actually learn something.

Free education? This trip is sounding better and better.


A Secret Getaway: Lord Howe Island

  • Lord Howe Island
  • balls pyramid
Brace yourself for a delightful vision of pristine beaches, serene palm forests, and an absolutely mind-blowing lagoon and reef.

Just a few hours from Sydney is one of the best kept secrets you will ever discover.

Lord Howe Island is a wondrous tiny isle where you can stroll along the beach, venture out on a bike, or view exquisite fauna and inevitably fill all your photo books with the amazing pictures you will take.

Hope your camera can hold up.


The Great Barrier Reef in Far North Queensland

  • Great Barrier Reef
  • Great Barrier Reef 2
  • Daintree National Park
What can one say about the Great Barrier Reef?

Simply everything since it’s the world’s largest coral reef structure including 900 islands and 2,900 distinct reefs.

Just think of all those groovy fish! People from every walk of life come to visit the reef.

It is truly one of Mother Nature’s great wonders.

Don’t forget your scuba gear (you can always rent) to plunge into pure bliss and experience a wonder water world like no other.

It’s nothing like on TV, this experience alone could change your life!

On other hand, if you prefer to stay dry, why not stimulate your senses and go for a hike in the Daintree National Park where you can walk around the Mossman Gorge Centre.

For a small fee of just $6, a shuttle bus will transport you to the gorge from the centre.

A price that’s hard to beat!


Wine Tasting on the Margaret River

  • Margaret River
  • Margaret River 2
If you like a bit of refinement on your travels and you’re of age (you wouldn’t lie would you), visit Margaret River, and enjoy a lovely evening wine tour.

Sample, sip, and savor some very delicious wine and simply relax.

Or, if you’re quite fond of wine, you can really let your hair down and just drink it, swallow it, and gulp it – whichever you prefer.


Take a Splash in Lake Macquarie

  • Lake Macquarie
If you’re in the mood, spend a day by the biggest salt water lake on the coast of Australia – amazing Lake Macquarie.

Pack your picnic basket and throw on your suit for a day of picture-taking, bird watching, and perhaps a little boating out to Pulbah Island to catch up with the wildlife.

The fishing is free!


Sydney: One of the Greatest Cities on Earth

  • Sydney
  • Harbour Bridge
Is there any place else as breathtaking and lovely as Sydney?

Of course not.

Some travelers think in order to stay in Sydney it will cost a small fortune.

This simply isn’t true.

Make your dollars stretch and enjoy everything the city has to offer by checking out the unique festivals, perfect beaches, busy open markets, and the awe-inspiring national parks.

This could be the best trip of your life, hey Aussie? Watch out for those dingoes.