Western Union

Western Union Business Solutions provides Chambers Institute with a reliable online payment application in which you can make telegraphic transfer payments.

It is our payment method because it is a fast and efficient method for us to receive your payment.

It also helps to reduce the number of lost payments and allows the Chambers Institute to receive your payment in full.

To pay, log onto www.geoforeducation.com/Chambers

When these payments are made direct to an Australian dollar bank account, they can often be hard for the University to reconcile.

Any applicable bank charges mean that the payment may arrive short and it can take up to two weeks for the funds to be deposited into a student’s University account.

Western Union Business Solutions student payment portal can eliminate these issues.

This may result in faster receipt of the Certificate of Enrolment and a quick start to the student’s visa application process.

This service includes a dedicated student enquiry hotline that will help you through the payment process.

If you have any questions about making a payment, please email [email protected] or call +61 2 8585 7999 Monday- Friday (Sydney, Business Hours).

Steps to make a payment

Step 1

Enter your student information.

Step 2

Enter amount of Australian dollars to pay.

Step 3

Select payment country/currency – due to international banking regulations some currencies are unable to be traded as part of this service.

In instances where your currency does not appear as an option, please select an alternative currency as the United States dollar.

Enter payer details and print document containing account information for Western Union Business Solutions.

Transfer your payment at your bank or via your online banking service, if applicable.

Step 4

Payment finalized

Click here to access the international student payment portal.