Chambers institute has everything that I need, such as awesome teachers, friendly staff, many opportunities to make various international friends, clean places, convenient location, and good nationality mix.  I didn’t expect I could get such a lot of foreign friends thanks to this school. I often go and hang out with my classmates who are from various countries after our class and at weekends. Thanks to this school, I have spent great time here.

Koichiro Ichise

When I came to Melbourne, it was fantastic! A multicultural and a beautiful city, there are also trams in Melbourne. It is great! Anyway, I was looking for an English school. Then, I found this school with my friend through “Free English Class” at Chambers Institute, on Monday.  The first time I attended the class was good! It was a multicultural and cheerful atmosphere!  So I enrolled the day.  So now, I am studying at Chambers!  If I can here more, I could probably improve my English skills and I’m sure it will be helpful for my life!

Serang Lee

I have chosen to move to Melbourne because it is a cosmopolite city. Thanks to Chambers Institute I met a lot of different international students who came from all over the world.  Learning English at Chambers Institute is a real way to get more confident in spoken English.

Koichiro Ichise

Studying English at Chambers Institute was one of the greatest experiences in my life.  I’ve improved English writing, vocabulary, and grammar. Passionate teachers always answered my questions, they really helped my English. Classes at Chambers institute have few students and that’s one of the strengths at Chambers Institute.  Finally, I met lots of friends at Chambers Institute.  If you choose Chambers Institute, you won’t regret it.

Ji Whan Seo

I am glad to be in Melbourne because it is multicultural. You can meet people from all over the world.  I am glad to learn English at Chambers Institute because there are good teachers and I improve my English every day.

Uriel Nsimba

Here in Australia I have many opportunities to learn and practise English every day, at school, with all people from other countries, travelling, at the hostel… It’s been a great experience! It’s a beautiful country, I’ve met a lot of people from all over the world and I can learn about different cultures!

Zurine Garsia