Academic Support

Student support services

Our Student Support Service officers help students make their learning experience at Chambers Institute as productive as possible. Our staff are dedicated to help students adjust to their first few months of arriving in Australia, and to their new environment and academic workload

Learning resources and study area

We have a dedicated resource room which provides individual and group study spaces. There are computers available to students in the resource room and computer lab. They are equipped with Microsoft Office (Word, Excel and PowerPoint) and other relevant softwares. All students have access to email and the internet.

Orientation session

On their first day at Chambers Institute, students have to attend an orientation session. The orientation presentation contains information covering all aspects of the enrolled course and living in Melbourne. A welcome package will also be handed to the students.

Personal Support

Chambers staff members are available to help students with personal or academic issues at all times.

We have a dedicated student service team which focus on maintaining students’ well being during their course of studies at Chambers Institute.

All commencing students are provided with a mentor when they join Chambers Institute.

The mentors are typically members of the academic and administrative staff.

The mentoring program is based on our philosophy that studies can only be effective when there is a balance between academic and personal well being.

The mentors are available to assist students in adapting to various challenging situations in their academic and personal aspects of life.

Student Activities

International lunch

We organise International Lunch which involves students sharing food from their home countries that they prepare themselves, and sharing their recipe with their classmates.

Treasure hunt

Students are encouraged to communicate with the locals in English whilst they venture in the Treasure Hunt looking for answers to our exciting quiz.

Job help program

Where students have an opportunity to prepare themselves for job hunting, interviews and cover letter writing.


We also organise excursions for students, such as a visit to the Museum and attractions, Great Ocean Road, Phillip Islands and Boat parties.

Student Handbook

The Student Handbook is a booklet that contains in-depth information about important contacts, rules, procedures and everything else students would have to know during their course of studies at Chambers Institute.

It is important that students familiarise themselves with the content of this handbook as any serious breaches of the rules might result in severe consequences, such as suspension.

The Student Handbook will be handed out to newly enrolled students during the orientation.

A copy of the latest handbook can be downloaded here.

Overseas Student Health Cover (OSHC)

Students enrolling at Chambers Institute under International Student Visa are required to have health insurance.

The Government requires International students to take out the Overseas Student Health Cover (OSHC), which will cover most health-related expenses in Australia.

Students under Tourist or Working Holiday visa are not required to have health insurance, but it is highly recommended.

The current price list can be found by clicking here.

DIAC Requirements

Students studying in Australia under a student visa must be aware of the requirements that are imposed by Australian Government.

Please click here on the right to see the full list of requirements


Our nationality mix varies from time to time.

We ensure that every classes have a balanced nationality mix.

The majority of our students come from European (Italian, French, Spanish), Asian (South Korean, Japanese) and Latin American (Colombian, Venezuelan, Brazilian) background.

We can assist you in finding accommodation, but you need to inform us of what type of accommodation you prefer.

Please download our ‘Melbourne Accommodation Booklet’ from our website under ‘Future Students’ for more information.

In most cases, you will need a visa to come to Australia.

For more details about Australian Visa requirements please visit IMMI’s website.

The details of our refund policy can be found in the application form that you fill prior to enrolling, as well as at Chambers Institute website.
Generally speaking, Chambers do not provide a refund of tuition fee and application fee to students unless in exceptional circumstances when the student visa is not granted or when Chambers Institute withdraws the offer or is unable to proceed with the program applied.
The application fee that you paid to us includes material fee (This covers all courses).

For General English, this includes 2 levels.

Therefore, no other material fees will be charged throughout your studies unless you study more than 2 levels in General English.

It will cost $50 for each additional level.

There will also be additional charges if you would like to print from our computer labs

Yes. Our teachers monitor the progress of each student and you will have a regular test during your studies to assess whether you can move up to a higher level course.
You will be given a placement test to complete upon your arrival at Chambers Institute.

This placement test will indicate your English level and you will be placed in the relevant level the following day.

You can study our General English course from 2 weeks (minimum) to 48 weeks (maximum).
Most of our international students are enrolled for a minimum of 24 weeks and people with Working Holiday or Tourist visa usually enrol for 12 weeks.
This provides students with an opportunity to move up to a higher level of English course throughout the duration of their studies.
Our English for Academic Purposes (EAP) course has a fixed duration of 10 weeks per level.
A student enrolling for one level of EAP course needs to enrol for a minimum of 10 weeks.
A student enrolling for two levels of EAP Course (EAP 1 and 2) needs to enrol for a minimum of 20 weeks.
Our General English course is perfect for you if you wish to improve your English in daily conversation as well as professional settings.

Our English for Academic Purposes (EAP) course is suitable for you if you wish to do a further study at a college or university.

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