34 Reasons Why Melbourne Is The Worst City To Live In

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34 reasons

1. Melbourne? There’s not really much to see 2. Like, seriously. It’s pretty dull. 3. Even at night 4. When it’s supposed to be ‘lighting up’ 5. It’s pretty average 6. There’s too much hippy style going around 7. It’s too gloomy 8. I mean, seriously gloomy 9. The street art…. 10. …. is pretty ‘meh’ 11. Even the National Gallery … Read More

24 Weird Rules in Australia

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Before visiting another country, it is always useful to find out what rules and regulations they have just to be safe. You never know what ridiculous rules they have, like shooting a rabbit from a motorboat in Alaska is prohibited, or wearing boots to be in Oklahoma is illegal – this is probably why Puss in Boots never went to … Read More

Do You Use Fridge? You Have an Australian to Thank For That, And 11 More Common Items That Were Invented in The Land Down Under

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When you think of Australia, the first things that come to mind are probably grouchy koala bears munching on Eucalyptus leaves, baby eating dingoes lurking in alleyways, ferocious spiders the size of dinner plates, and other dangerous wildlife just waiting for its next victim. You may also think of the gorgeous topless beaches, the great Outback and walkabouts, and bustling … Read More